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Friday, February 10, 2012

Sex and Obama's Re-Election

Abortion and birth control are being debated still, really? Didn't we progress through this a long time ago? Yes, but it's time to tip the scales for Obama's re-election.

In taking a look at the statistics, like an independent thinker should, it's quite popular to be in favor of birth control and if we learned anything from the Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle, it's that most Americans support women's health and their freedom to choose regardless of who is opposing, and not by any small margin - it's overwhelming. It's a safe debate for those who support birth control and womens' health - they can't lose. They can afford to stand firm.

The health insurance debate over requiring insurance providers to cover birth control for women is now the hot topic between religious leaders and politicians - and it's deliberate. "Genius", I say, and quite opportunistic - in a good way.

This debate goes a long way in doing a number of things in favor of re-electing the President in the upcoming election and here's how:

While Americans may not understand all of the issues and may only be able to personally relate to some of them, they can all understand and relate to sex and it's important to them. There are plenty of other issues, most are complicated, sex is simple. It gives those who were on the fence about how to vote this upcoming election a clearer platform to base their decision on. Most have a definite opinion on the matter. Those who would like the government and the churches to make their reproductive choices for them can vote for any of the Republican candidates and those who don't, won't. It's that simple. If you didn't know where you stood before, you do now. Since most would like to have a say in their reproductive health, regardless of what their religion teaches, this issue creates a solid majority that can agree on something.

As a bonus, it puts the spotlight on Romney, the one possible obstacle to a re-election, casting doubt on his "conservative" values for the provisions for women that were in his MA health care plan including abortion coverage. Is he just saying what he thinks people want to hear or has he really changed his position? Anything that raises questions on their values and record is good for the other side. Even better if it's the truth.

The reversal of Komen's decision, coupled with the public's demand for and Komen's acceptance of Karen Handel's resignation, was a direct result of the public's reaction to decisions being driven by religious minorities... and politicians and Americans were paying attention, thankfully. Hopefully the GOP will re-think where it stands on the issues for 2016, because it's probably too late for 2012.